Plano, Texas

A compelling combination of uniquely Southern charm and state-of-the-art visual communication defines the GatorWire look and feel, and all visual vectors adhere to this uniquely American, 21st Century electronics manufacturer.

Keeping the Gatorwire assets intact, we supplemented the brand with a ‘subsidiary’ identity: Bayoutech for Asian markets. Ironically, this offshoot enterprise has now become the parent company and Asia is its primary market.

Colorola provided electronics branding for this Texas-based purveyor of tech-oriented consumer goods, from screen cleaner to high powered solar charger kits, Gatorwire wanted to convey ingenuity, but with a rugged, off-the-grid tone of voice. A durable sensibility combined with an innovative spark of genius.


Gatorwire’s marketing is direct to consumer, with a bit of B2B, so we needed to provide their sales team with a branding system that functioned as well at trade shows as it does point of sale. Sleek, practical, and sensible sales tools have to enhance consumer messaging.


It is important that the brand lives up to its green mission. Many of its products, like the G4 portable solar charger, are intended for an environmentally conscious market. Packaging, advertising, and all brand elements had to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


Efficiency and durability can be seductive. Our goal was to combine smart, easy to comprehend information that is nonetheless engaging and fun. We took many of our cues from vintage utility design and kept the ornamentation clean and trim yet approachable. 


Although we hoped to position Gatorwire as a homespun company with rugged roots, the product itself is tech-driven. We combined the guileless trappings of rural America and th Texas swamplands, with a streamlined, polished scientific system of communication and UX.