Palm Springs, California

The concept of Mahala started nearly 10 years ago as a concept for a bohemian cafe in Palm Springs that, for various reasons, never took root. Inspired by a variety of tangerines native to the Coachella Valley, we knew that the name was a perfect fit for something, anything, in the region. For a while, we attempted to sell the idea to a cannabis producer as a line of organic pot products. Then the perfect opportunity appeared. Colorola was commissioned to design a boutique hotel on the main drag, Palm Canyon Drive, in the heart of Palm Springs. We knew the Mahala vision would be a perfect fit, and the hospitality company for whom we’d worked on a few other projects concurred. We designed a unique hotel plan, from the bottom up, to replace a dilapidated mid-century motor lodge. We created custom furnishings, manufactured utilizing reclaimed, excess raw material from large hotel construction projects in Las Vegas. We designed the room interiors, landscaping, murals, lobby, lighting and a complete array of guest amenities and merch. Working at an accelerated pace, Mahala was slated to open in time for Coachella, 2020. Then a funny thing happened. After several months of delays and construction setbacks, Mahala is now nearing completion with an opening date slated for sometime in the summer of 2022. Fingers crossed.