Project Description


Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Top rated restaurant and bar in the Yucatan jungle

In addition to its Mayan ruins, Tulum is notable for its pristine beaches and unspoiled jungle. Here, natural preservation is not only a way of life, it’s a requisite for doing business. The Arca partners were meticulous in constructing a restaurant space with minimal environmental impact— and we felt it important that this commitment should be evident in all brand messaging. Arca is nestled into a verdant corner of the costal jungle, open-air, nothing left to excess except the sensualness of the setting. Gentle lighting, natural materials and fixtures, and the elegant indigenous motifs of Quintana Roo combine to create a perfect display of epicurean delight. The parters insisted that the brand identity be distinguished in its subtlety and unobtrusiveness.

Though Tulum is undoubtedly a mecca for, lack of a better term, hipsters, it was of vital importance that the trappings associated with ‘trendy’ lifestyles (vintage logos, bohemian devices) be avoided. The partners were perspicacious enough to know that ‘Williamsburg on the beach’ would have a limited shelf-life. Through several iterations of the Arca identity, we finally arrived at a logo direction that was sufficiently not-cool.