At Colorola Studios, we are perfecting the art of design.

Yes, we value SEO and the potential of cross-marketing. We're on top of social media and its fast-changing challenges. We're down with design thinking— we privilege process, research, and advanced design management. We're strategists. We're perfectionists. Above all else, we're artists; albeit commercial artists. We make art commercial.

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Diverse Colors for a Culture of Diversity

In a global economy, consumer perceptions of color have moved beyond the provincial scope. Around the world meanings and values in relation to color have been dispersed. Though each culture maintains its own codes, in nationalism, politics, religion, regions, lifestyle or sports, the emotional impact of color is universal.

We believe that the future of brands is multicultural, ergo multi-colored. And the most successful identities are those whose color ways are calibrated for maximum emotional impact.

This includes black and white and all shades of gray. Our goal is to create visual identities and brand programs that are functionally adept yet demonstratively rich. We get the balance right between imagination and efficiency, intuition and method. The formula for this harmonic mix is color.

We’re getting hues to it.


Content to create

Though our skill sets are manifold, we are best known for our unique, illustrated style that is both distinctive and approachable. We assume a scrupulous design strategy, then we ‘color’ it.  We’re interested in the potential that comes from blending good vibes with an efficient, modern grid to provide sustainable, human-scale brand components.

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A few of our favorite things

From bacchanalian nightclubs in Ibiza to San Francisco real estate firms, our designs run the gamut. We welcome the challenge that comes with unexplored, and apply a fresh perspective to every project. Our experience with entertainment, travel and start-ups have given us the inspiration that also fuels our work with non-profits and electronics companies.

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