Project Description

Better Days Bakeries

Los Angeles, California

Redefining edibles

With the legality of recreational cannabis in California the need to compete in a suddenly-burgeoning industry is real. Cultivators and distributors, all with excellent product, are vying for customers in new, vital trade. Edibles, in particular, have seen an enormous market shift from what was, until recently, the strict purview of medicinal products. The producers of Better Days aim to evoke a sunny, positive vibe with the new brand of plant-based edibles. We created a surf-vibe, quintessentially Socal look and feel for the brand with a slightly satirical nod to the Illuminati 70s psychedelia.

Each different morsel, from classic crispy rice snacks to habanero-spiced coca bombs will have its own unique name and look, with packaging that puts a smile on peoples faces, long before the contents do the same.