Project Description

Grand Park Foundation

Los Angeles, California

Colorola created the Grand Park Foundation branding, funding strategy and identity

Grand Park, extending uphill from the steps of the iconic Los Angeles City Hall, is a vibrant, verdant public space, the culmination of decades of public and private enterprise, and indispensable to the residents of a newly burgeoning civic center and revived Downtown. Established as a source of funding and catalyst for community collaboration, the LA County Grand Park Foundation provides a permanent source for the continued maintenance and betterment of Grand Park. A foundation, preeminent as it may be, still has a job to do, which typically involves the active procurement of funds needed to help maintain the organization for which it was founded– in this case, a newly completed city park on a grand scale. Grand Park provides an integral, magnificent asset for the people of downtown Los Angeles, and the city at large. Decades of collective dedication and hard work have gone into the creation of the park, and that story should be told.

Original, compelling design is more than a strategy; it’s an imperative that in this case exemplifies the Foundation’s commitment to the Park and the overall public good. Best practice, innovation, and ingenuity are the criteria that will ensure that the Foundation’s messaging is effectual, that its endeavor is resolute, and its commitment and aspirations are shared and embraced by the people and institutions of Los Angeles.