Project Description


Los Angeles, California

What’s in a name? We wanted a unique moniker for a superior line of cannabis products, so we decided to invent one. Rarity, as with precious minerals, adds intrinsic value to a brand. In the teeming market of recreational marijuana, differentiation is key. Single and available, a nice sounding title that’s undeniably attractive, typographically speaking, can be alluring, online and irl. The singularity of the title also permits promoting just-the-name in a highly regulated advertising landscape that sometimes discourages explicit cannabis terminology.

But we also wanted to evoke quality, craftsmenship, and, frankly, a good buzz. The name ‘Seralta’ is actually an amalgam of two Spanish words, ser, to be; and ‘alta‘, high. Combined, the term literally means, ‘to be forever high’. Additionally, we wanted a sleek, minimalist vibe without getting overly cool. We created nviting colorways that inspires the good feelz, while subtly suggesting quality and style. A managed system of color also helps to catagorize the different strains, quantities, and potency of the varied products.