Project Description

Perry Farrell

Los Angeles, California

Kind Heaven, Perry’s Little Slice of Paradise

Or rather, mammoth. Kind Heaven is big-ass pleasure-dome in fact, as the creator of Lollapalozza doesn’t f*ck around with divinity. One of the world’s great impresarios and the kindest-hearted rock star you’ll ever meet, Perry has laid out some new charts. His celestial plan features a stunning new full-length lp and a fully immersive venue in Las Vegas. It’s the kind of innovation is that will transform the very nature of entertainment.

Working with Perry is transformative in itself. It sometimes seems as if we’ve journeyed to another realm. Instead of a PDF, the creative brief arrives in a dream. The look is a fusion of Southeast Asian mythologies (already an amalgam of Indo-China influences), vintage/punk dominatrix, and a bit of ‘ol time religion. One of the design objectives is to create a thematic bridge between the music and the venue. Produced by the legendary sound magician, Tony Visconti, ‘Kind Heaven’, is the first major release to be recorded in ATMOS, the ground-breaking new sound technology from Dolby Labs.