Project Description

Michael Sahi Bespoke Clothiers

Los Angeles, California

International maker and distributor of casual footware for men and women.

With a loyal clientele that extends from Hollywood to Riyadh to Hong Kong, Michael Sahi really didn’t need a new identity. This exclusive purveyor of exquisite bespoke attire had been using the same rather antiquated logo for 20 years with seemingly no repercussion (in fact, we sort of liked the vintage charm). But with plans to expand their base by attracting younger professionals, they decided to refresh their identity.

Colorola designed a heraldic mark suitable for application to garments, signage, corporate collateral and packaging. We combined the relatively masculine icon with an elegant modified Bodoni typeface to create an identity that is as appropriate for a fine silk embroidered label as it is for a fine leather stamped accessory.