Los Angeles, California

Our chance to brand a major Hollywood studio, sort of. Built for studio housing in Hollywood’s Golden Age, The Hillview had seen better days before developers took it over to create a concierge-style apartment complex on Hollywood Boulevard. The former haut of Charlie Chaplin had historic pedigree, but needed a bit of polish.

Hollywood is steeped in nostalgic destinations and businesses. The challenge was to evoke the romantic bygone days of the world’s entertainment without becoming a touristy pastiche. After all, people still have to call it home.
The 1920’s building had been renovated so many times that much of the original detail had faded. Still, there were some untouched treasures we were able to uncover. Iron window railing, tile patterns, and some built-in features provide a rich tapestry for building a brand, redolent with history and original charm.