Project Description


Barcelona, Spain

International distributor and retail for stylish head gear

With substantial presence in southern europe and aspirations to expand globally, the Barcelona retailer of  headgear au courant wanted to move ahead. Hatquarters contracted Colorola to contrive a new brand identity that would be immediately recognizable and easily applied to retail architecture (signage, display, packaging), merchandise, and promotion. With international prospects, it was important that the identity could easily traverse an international array of dialects. We think we hit it right on the head.

The highly representational, ‘Hat Icon’ for Hatquarters has created instant recognition in any country, like an international ‘info-graphic’. However, recognition is merely part of the story. In today’s media-driven marketplace, the ability of a brand’s image to applicably traverse varying platforms and applications is vital. From online banner ads to point-of -sale, mobile phone icons to printed collateral– how does the brand resonate and effectively ‘speak’ to its audience?