Project Description

Naming Names

In addition to providing the name-change and concept, Colorola created the initial brand ID and logotype for this fast-growing Los Angeles digital-centric advertising agency.  Sensis, formerly known as Focus Multimedia, is now at the forefront of multicultural online advertising, and we can’t help think that their great name helped pave the way.

For the original icon, we worked closely with the agency’s senior creatives and management, exploring many themes, colors, fonts, and styles. The ability to apply effects and animation was important, but the icon also had to function as a static symbol across numerous media platforms. The notion of a synthesis of services was important to the sales team, so the interlock segments of the ‘S’ icon were seen as a positive reference to the agency’s core brand values.

Sensis Agency

Los Angeles, California

Branding a branding agency

If you’re the type to observe such minutiae, you may have discerned a striking similarity between the mark we recently created for the photographer Paige Craig and our own corporate ID we refer to as the ‘Big C’. The likeness is purely unintentional— or is it?  Graphic designers have unconscious drives just like everybody else, and it’s possible we just might like the idea of an association with such a phenomenal photographer and such a unique personage.  In fact, professionally we are joined at the hip, as Paige is practically our in-house photo department— except that she’s actually on her bucolic urban farm, Ghost Gardens— visible from our Downtown rooftop studios— in the hills of Montecito, East LA.  Check out her work here.