Clique-Clique. édition 1ª

Nestled in the verdant hills of Los Feliz, just east of Silverlake, the Hotel Covell is a remarkably furnished boutique hotel created by the enterprising actor Dustin Lancaster.  As the proprietor of Silver Lake mainstays, L&E Oyster Bar and El Condor, Dustin has taken his unique brand of eclectic hospitality to a new level with a comfy collection of well-appointed accommodations.

Detailed and luxuriously laid-back, Hotel Covell is the perfect setting for a new series of coquettish, colorful vignettes, lovingly shot by our resident photographer, Paige Craig.  We’re putting the pictures together in a large-format printed edition, aptly titled, Clique-Clique.  The first volume is coming out Memorial Day weekend and will be provided as a complementary memento to guests of the Covell.

We’ll be happy to send you a copy as well, while the limited supplies last. Send us an email via our contact page, and we will introduce you to our ‘Lady Friends’.


About the Author:

Established in Barcelona in 2000, Colorola began as the illustration studio for award-winning illustrator/designer, Stuart Patterson.