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Colorola Studios

We are an international design agency based in Downtown Los Angeles. We create identities, packaging, brand programs, websites and colorful content for a wide array of clients worldwide. Because we are big on being boutique, we’re able to fully immerse ourselves in each brand project and, unlike many larger agencies, offer our patrons individualized, coordinated services at an affordable price. Mammoth multinationals are the competition, regardless of the size of your enterprise. They understand the importance of a comprehensive branding program, and so do we. With modern media technology expanding the playing field, any business of any size now has the means to go head to head with any competetor, large or small. Colorola has the experience and knowhow necessary to create exceptional branding across all platforms, without the overhead and exorbitant fees of a mainstream firm. We think bigger, charge less. At Colorola, ‘creative’ is still an adjective, not a subordinate department that answers to the suits.

Experience has taught us that a successful visual identity encompasses much more than a logo, and that it’s the details, the research, the originality, the quality-nonpareil of the communicative constituents that most thoroughly reveal the core values of a quality brand, and resonate in the market.